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NRS Quick-Release SUP Leash

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NRS Quick-Release SUP Leash The NRS Quick-Release SUP leash works with rescue and recreational... mehr

NRS Quick-Release SUP Leash

The NRS Quick-Release SUP leash works with rescue and recreational PFDs, allowing paddlers to safely stay connected to the board when necessary and quickly disengage from the leash and board during a bad swim.

  • A stainless steel D-ring at the end of the leash lets you change the attachment hardware depending on your lifevest choice.
  • When wearing a Zen or other rescue PFD, detach the shackle from the leash, hook the carabiner through the D-ring on the leash and the D-ring on the quick-release belt of your lifejacket.
  • To use with Type III life jackets: With the shackle connecting the carabiner and leash, hook the carabiner to an accessible attachment point on your PFD, like a side adjustment strap. If necessary, pull the yellow ball to disengage the shackle from the carabiner, releasing you from your SUP. The leash will stay connected to the board.
  • Secure the leash to an inflatable SUP with the hook-and-loop closure through a D-ring; includes lanyard to loop through leash plug on rigid 
Length: Stretches to 2.7 m Weight: 299 g Includes: Quick-release... mehr
Length: Stretches to 2.7 m
Weight: 299 g
  • Quick-release shackle attachment
  • Standard carabiner
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Two in-line swivels prevent tangling
  • Floating polyurethane coiled line
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