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NRS Coil Paddle Leash

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NRS Coil Paddle Leash What's a kayak without a paddle? Don't lose yours. Tether your paddle to... mehr

NRS Coil Paddle Leash

What's a kayak without a paddle? Don't lose yours. Tether your paddle to your wrist or deck rigging with the NRS Coil Paddle Leash, and save yourself a swim and maybe some money. 

  • Expands from a compacted 46 cm to a full 152 cm stretch.
  • Snap swivel lets you easily disconnect the leash when necessary and prevents twisting so you don't have to stop and unravel your leash.
  • Attachment end secures to your wrist or your boat giving you multiple safety options.
  • We've included a zippered bag with carabiner for compact storage on or off the water.
This product is not intended for use in whitewater applications due to possible entanglement in swift water.


Length: 46 cm extending up to 152 cm
Weight: 136 g
  • Zippered storage bag
  • Snap swivel prevents twisting
  • Hook-and-loop attachment
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